WCMX Athlete Tony Torres

WCMX Athlete Tony Torres

I am a strong believer that everything happens for a reason. It was not by chance that my path crossed David Cardona from Affordable Medical. Even though at first, I was skeptical. I wasn’t truly sure what to think about introducing yet another medical supplier into my life. To this point, I’ve run across so many different medical suppliers and medical professionals that sometimes it seems daunting. Being born with spina bifida has led me down a unique path, a path connected with the medical industry. However, the folks over at Affordable Medical go beyond just being a medical supplier. They truly care about the individual. From supporting my overall physical well-being to assisting me to reach some personal goals in attending this year’s WCMX championships, Affordable Medical has done more than just supply me with medical supplies. It’s not every day I find companies that take the time to really listen and work together to find the right solutions that fit me. I now belong to the Affordable Medical family and look forward to the future. Not only by providing me with quality medical supplies but also, working together to help others in our community. In a short time, I have learned that Affordable Medical and their professional staff will go above and beyond to make sure I receive vital medical supplies. When it comes down to it, there is nothing more important than your health, so why not have the quality and superb customer service that Affordable Medical truly supplies.

Antonio Torres, Jimmy Wheelz

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